Run: Progress Update: First Draft Finished

I’m extremely proud to announce this, but I’ve finished the first draft of Run!

It numbered around 100 pages, although that doesn’t really mean anything. The second draft is bringing in some drastic changes, so I’ve actually decided to just rewrite the entire thing from page 1. Already it’s looking better. I haven’t opened the new draft to my editors yet, because this time I’m writing linearly and don’t want to get dragged down by revisions before i can finish. Thanks to my editors anyway for pushing me to finish the first draft, and I hope one day we’ll all see Run on a shelf!

Fire & Glass: Hiatus Update

It’s been over a year since my last progress update about F&G, and I’m sorry to announce that this is because the project has gone on hiatus. I’m devoting my time to writing Run (updating coming soon!) and there were plot kinks that I just couldn’t seem to iron out. The second draft finished on Chapter 12. I’m holding on to it in case I ever want to go back, but that for sure won’t be until I’ve finished Run.

Run: Progress Update

I’m proud to say that Run is almost done! I’m working through the ending right now, and I’m pretty optomistic that it will be done by the end of the year. Yes, that’s kind of a far-away deadline;  but when I say finished, I mean fully written and revised. Right around the middle is something huge that I have to rewrite entirely, so I won’t consider it truly done until I get to that. However, that means I’ll be looking for Beta readers by January.

Extra shoutout to my wonderful manager-editor friends! Thank you for your support, I can’t do it without you. ♥

Literary Agents

A list of everything learned about getting one from the Writers’ Convention I attended.

  • Use word counts instead of page counts when saying how long your work is. Page counts can change depending on font, font size, and other factors, so your word count gives agents a much better picture.
  • Do your own research! What tips do published authors have? What have agents said about getting agents? There are interviews all over the internet.
  • On the subject of research, check out individual agents you’re interested in as well. If you submit a YA work to a children’s book agent, that’s not getting you anywhere.
  • Study the querying process. I actually need to do this myself, so I have no further advice– but it shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Lots of agents are on Twitter! There’s even a tag you can use to pitch a book in one tweet, and a lot of agents check it. More details here (disclaimer: the link leads off-site.)
  • Writer’s Digest has some good resources
  • Go to agent panels! Talk to agents! Interact! You’ll gain tips, tricks, and connections.
  • Network, network, network. Meet people in the agent/writer/reader community and be their friend. Enter competitions, online forums– whatever you can. Who knows, you might meet someone who ends up changing your life! It’s happened before.
  • “Have a professional online presence”. You should be findable. The more people who know who you are and can Google you, the better. Have a blog, a bookstagram/instagram, use graphics– anything to get yourself out there.
  • Agents and publishers need you as much as you need them! There are some not-so-great people out there who might want you to think otherwise, but don’t let them fool you.
  • DO NOT go to agents until you have a finished manuscript. (Even better is a finished manuscript that’s been edited or cleaned up, but that’s not necessarily required.)

New Project: Run

There’s good news and bad news. I don’t have to choose which I tell first, however, because it’s all one reveal: I’m working on another book!

It’s working title is Run. Like Fire and Glass, Run’s a fairytale retelling, and it combines 6 stories into one– Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and the Little Mermaid. So far the length puts it between a short story and a novella, as originally I hadn’t planned for it to be any more than a fun little work on the side while I finished Fire and Glass. Well, it’s still on the side, but it’s almost complete– I have what I estimate to be 5 pages left. Once I’ve revised and edited, my plan is to enter Run into contests (one of the tips I picked up at the convention).  The bad news is that because I’ve been focusing on it, I’ve been drifting away from Fire and Glass and just about wasted all of April. Luckily, the writer’s convention has gotten me back on track, and I’m hoping to be done by September at the latest.

My next post will be solely on the convention, and it’ll include all the notes I have as well as what I got out of my 20 minutes with a literary agent. Stay tuned!

Writers Convention

Surprise! I’m going to a writers convention in May! My manager/best friend/fellow teenager (who I won’t name here) is coming with me, and we’ve scheduled to meet with a literary agent. Now for background on what that is, a literary agent helps you find an editor and publisher, promote your book, and manage your time– and they’re paid in royalties. That means no matter how long it takes to get published, I won’t be owing thousands of dollars before reaching college, which is always a plus. However, the criteria is that I have to be finished with my manuscript by the conference (or at least that month), and it has to be good enough to convince the agent to work with me. Wish me luck!

Operation: Rewind

Bad news: due to a few gaping plot holes, underdeveloped characters, and useless plot devices, I’ve found it necessary to restart Fire and Glass from chapter 2.

Good news: we’ve tweaked the plot and set some clear guidelines/goals, so this time for sure the story will work out right.

Even more good news: This progress update is coming about two months late, which means I’m currently working on chapter 11! I should be done by early May (see my next post for details)

F&G Progress

Fire & Glass has reached 50 Word pages, which equates to 56.6 pages in a single spaced, calibri font book! I’m currently working on the end of chapter 9, and I’m expecting to be a page or two through chapter 10 by September.

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